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This site is dedicated to C and C++ Programming Language and Methods

Checkout my Church of BSD Blog It's about all Operating systems these, days, but mostly Unix, Linux and BSD flavors, and Programming on these.

C++ Today: The Beast is Back - Jon Kalb [ACCU 2018] & E-book

Dennis Ritchie Passed Away Oct 8, 2011

He was the co-inventor of UNIX and C - has passed away at the age of 70.


Article on Kuro5hin::Why C Is Not My Favorite Programming Language By James A C Joyce

My comment on this is , every reason given in this article for not using C is why I like C and use it!
Truth is, asking what is the best language is like asking what gear is best to use on a stick shift car. The answer is that it depends on how fast your moving, are you going up hill or pulling a heavy load.

For super small tight optimized code Assembly or hand coded HEX/Binary is best. For OS Internals / Drivers and other things close to the hardware, something like C or Fourth is best. For text files manipulation PERL is best. For Windowing GUI apps and Object Oriented language like C++ or Delphi is best. Even COBOL has it's place for maintaining security while a large group of untrusted programmers work on a financial system.
Me personally, at times I like to know exactly what kind of CPU op-codes I am generating when I write a line of code. So to do this I tend to mix Assembly,C and C++. But while on UNIX I often use shell scripts and PERL for TEXT data manipulation.

Mirrored here for historical reference - Brian W. Kernighan::Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language

Interview with Dennis Ritchie

Ken Thompson 1984 paper - Reflections on Trusting Trust

21 Rules of Thumb - How Microsoft develops its Software

Go To Statement Considered Harmful, by Edsger W. Dijkstra 1968

The definitive book on C is:
The C Programming Language
by Brian W. kernighan and Dennis M.Ritchie

An interesting thing here is the For the White one on the left,
But for the Blue one on the right that is 100% identical it's 95.00 rupies in India. Thats about $2 US!!

A Little C Primer

Computer Graphics Algorithms FAQ

Computer Programming resources links

Unix Serial Port Programming

Posix Threads

C++ Programming

List subdirectories of the current directory Compliles in Unix, MS Visual C++; Borland C

Indent Manual   GNU Indent Page   Indent Wikipedia Page

A few must haves for command Line C Programmers are:
Cscope a console application that allows fast analysis of C and C++ code, priceless.
Indent a command line C source code indenter and reformatter, replaces cb the original C Beautifier.
diff compares the contents of the two files and reports the changes.
Patch The inverse of diff, take the output of diff and can make one source file into the other, this is a really cool trick when merging code.

Not to leave the Windows people out, I highly recommend:

Araxis Merge - Gui file comparison/merging and folder synchronization

Lemmy - GUI VI for windows, for those who can't live without it.

Understand for C++ : from (Scientific Toolworks, Inc ) ANSI C, C++ and K&R C reverse engineering, code navigation, and metrics tool
They also support Java, FORTRAN, JOVIAL, and Ada . I don't know how I could have survived Programming Someone elses windows code without this.

Universal Indent Very cool program, it is a gui overlay and ported get of Code formatting tools, such as Indent, uncrustify and others. You can toggle a flag and see the resulting output to you C code in real time, then output a command line string to run of manually on the command line later if you choose.

MonsterSoft tutorial page Protected Mode programming , VESA programming ,

Phil Ottewell's STL Tutorial

Programming Tutorials - C, C++, OpenGL, STL

CPlusPlus.com C++ Resources Network First rate site...

C++ Reference Guide

Kontron Rackmount, Computer Telephony, Atx Motherboards & Embedded Systems Kontron offers industrial PC products such as atx motherboards, embedded systems, rackmount servers, PC/104 plus, and more.

Collection of DOS & Windows C and C++ Code

Planet Sounce Code

Code from "The Practice of Programming" Book

Reliable Software - Site has some interesting C stuff

Reliable Software has a good win32 tutorial

Great resource for PC hardware interfacing
Overdoing C++ Templates

Clubs groups and Associations

ACCU Silicon Valley Chapter- The ACCU is the Association of C and C++ Users

The C++ and Java SIG - part of the New York PC Users Group

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